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series: NATURAL PRINCIPLES OF LIFE Magicians, Hermonians, People

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The Last Lord of Magic – Astilus, son of the Great Magician Merlin and Powerful Ancient Gods. Somewhat forgotten, but still ready to fight this last battle for the Nature of All Things. In a moment you will find yourself in a wonderful world of fantasy, deeply embedded in the realities of humanity. You will find out the most important natural issues related to the many intelligent races, their planets, problems, achievements and tragedies. Following my story and creative descriptions, you will learn about a plot that surprises, inspires and makes you reflect on the fate of the contemporary Natural Being. And sometimes it even breaks the boundaries of traditionally understood: imagination and reality. Especially when you experience enlightenment and understanding that our world is only a small fraction of what you can see with your own eyes. An alternate reality is right next to you. You will find out everything that an Earthling – an enlightened man – should know and understand about the Nature of All Things.
The magical stories of Vol I – combine human reality with the currents of fantasy, science fiction and modern technology. Feelings, beliefs and diversity. I will take you completely close to your home and very, very far – into space inhabited, among other things, by:
• Magicians Wibseract,
• ancient, intelligent breeds such as Hermonians,
• People,
• Wolfquies,
• Vampires,
• and even recently formed – breeds such as Mrons or bloodthirsty Harpies.

At the end of this book you will find a description of the races and the most important characters in my novel. If you want, you can start exploring it. But it’s only your decision.

Artistic vision of the Seventh Planet
THE SEVENTH PLANET, it is first volume of novel NATURAL PRINCIPLES OF LIFE Magicians, Hermonians, People. I have planned the entire story in at least five fantastic volumes. Each subsequent one will be a continuation of previous events. Therefore, I invite you to learn about the amazing history of the Nature of Being. Of course, starting with Volume I: THE SEVENTH PLANET Galaxies And Humans.

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