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Creating web pages basic technology

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Creating web pages basic technology introduction


Creating standards for HTML and CSS is an organization The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) http://www.w3.org/.

Learning Internet technology, and later - working with technology, it is sometimes enter the W.W. page and read the news. Also, every time when we have a problem with the exact specification of html or css you can go to the W3C and check out the most current specifications.


Explanation of basic concepts - what it is: HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, SEO, CMS

HTML - what is it?

HyperText Markup Language - a language based on tags (HTML tags) for creating web pages. With his help, we can control the layout and structure of the website "stacking" page elements. Also used to create a template e-mail. And poswojsku: HTML is a skeleton website.

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CSS - what is it?


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS Cascading Style Sheets) - language used to describe the appearance of our website. With CSS you can change the display of its constituent elements: fonts, links, margins, position of the element relative to the browser window or other elements. And poswojsku: CSS is responsible for the layout and appearance of the website, as well as versions for CSS3 animations on the website. And because it is free and not too much burden the speed of loading pages - is called (with HTML5) - "killer" flash technology.

JavaScript - what is it?


JavaScript (abbreviation: JS) - scripting language, used mainly in Internet technologies. Js scripts are most commonly used to provide interactivity causing react to events, validate forms and / or building navigation elements. JavaScript run by websites have limited access to your computer. Server-side JavaScript can also act as a variety framworków and libraries (eg. Node.js). The programming language JavaScript can write great applications - not just Internet. And poswojsku: JavaScript is currently shared with HTML5 and CSS3 - "ruled" on the Internet.

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PHP - what is it?


Object-oriented scripting language designed to generate web pages in real time. PHP scripts can be used to display HTML, but can also be nested in it - then get called. dynamic web page. Using PHP greatly speeds up the work of even the simple parties and paves the way for advanced solutions.

And poswojsku: php is no longer necessary, and the small projects is not desirable, now hand, even these dynamic, more often created using a combination of technologies: HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.



SQL - what is it?


Structured Query Language - language used to create databases and manage their content. One of database management systems is MySQL, which combined with PHP to create an interactive website. Nowadays, the standard for communication with the database servers. And poswojsku: databases in this training will not be occupied.

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SEO - what is it?


Search Engine Optimization - these are actions to promote a particular website on the top position in the search engines for specific phrases and keywords. In Poland, the term SEO means either the positioning of the page (add to directories, etc..) As well as its optimization (improving code quality, improved volume keywords). And poswojsku: SEO in this training will not be occupied.


CMS - what is it?


Content Management System - Content Management System - a program (usually written using PHP, using the database instance. MySQL) for easy, does not require knowledge of any of the in / in languages, web development. Level of pages depends on the capabilities of the system. For the authors of this training, most, most, most CMS is Drupal. But really, it's hard to say which is the best CMS'ów. Usually it depends on the preferences and knowledge of the Administrator of CMS, as well as the goals we want to achieve CMS. And poswojsku: CMS in this training will not be occupied.