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Web world wars technology tutorials art pictures fun

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Welcome into Web wars Invocation

Web world wars: Invocation

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Web wars Invocation part 1/1 PEACE

Many, many years ago Webland enjoyed peace and prosperity. The forces of good and evil lived in balance. Htmlwind fifth king ruled wisely and fairly.

His faithful royal advisors Wizard jQueryk, Minister-artist Csser and Hetman Ajaxus effectively assisted the king in the duties of the ruler. Unfortunately, times of prosperity and peace in Webland could not last forever. Everything passes once ...

Web world wars: Invocation

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Web wars Invocation part 1/2 INVASION

Peaceful kingdom was invaded by the combined forces of the enemy: JavAgr, NetMicros and Ceplusss. The invaders took advantage of conquests inhuman Classy and Voidy.

Step by step further areas occupied Webland. The army of the king Htmlwind suffered heavy losses. Even the power of the Wizard jQueryk was too weak to resist overwhelming force.

Web world wars: Invocation

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Web wars Invocation part 1/3 DECISION

Then the wizard jQueryk suggested a satanic idea recall to help their master and teacher: - Let us for help staying in caves Warlock JavaSripter. - Madness! - Objected Minister-artist Csser. The Warlock JavaSripter is unpredictable and unstable emotionally.

- But Warlock JavaSripter has the power, without it my kingdom will be killed - said the king Htmlwind. - Wizard, let it be that way, go JavaSripter and call for help?

Web world wars: Invocation

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Web wars Invocation part 1/4 COMING

Oh, great creator of digital! What is next for Weblandem? Is Warlock JavaSripter help the kingdom or its incalculable power smash it to rest?

The first battle is coming ... See the next Episod the fate of a Webland and the power of the Warlock JavaSripter .